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seite3 painting courtesy of Hermann Valentin Schmitt
painting © Hermann Valentin Schmitt

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The Art of Peacework: Portal to Resources

Resources on "The Art of Peacework" include visual arts, music, novels, poetry, film and resources for the use of the arts in peace education. This page is under development.

Peacemakers Trust directors and consulting directors working on The Art of Peacework:

Brishkai Waziri Lund    |   Catherine Morris

We gratefully acknowledge the kind contribution of the painting
"Colours over the river Chao Phraya"
by Berlin artist Hermann Valentin Schmitt.

The Art of Peacework: Our vision

Our vision is to...

  • experience peace and understand it through the arts
  • gain strength for our work toward peace and encourage each other through the arts
  • celebrate all efforts toward peace, including those that have led to tragedy
  • communicate with each other with compassion, respect, and laughter, recognizing our interdependence...

Music of Peace   |   Peace Films   |   Peace Theatre   |   Stories and Poetry   |   Visual Arts   |   The Arts and Peace Education


We have started to gather a list of musical works focusing on peace themes. Our list is not ready for publication. In the meantime, here are some links to other resources:

  • Music of peace, on the Peacemakers Trust site.
  • Barenboim-Said Akademie. Founded in the spirit of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, the Barenboim-Said Akademie seeks to unite young musicians from the Middle East, North Africa, and around the world to study in Berlin.
  • Peace Not War. Anti-war protest songs available for download.
  • Songs for Peace. Songs by Raffi, a favourite Canadian songwriter and singer for children.
  • Seattle Peace Chorus. Song Sheets.


under development

  • Peace Moves: Using movement to inspire creative perspectives for peace

Peace films

under development

Stories and poetry

under development

Peace films

under development

Peace theatre

Under development.

Visual arts

Here are some links to organizations focusing on peace and the arts. Please send your suggestions.

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The arts and peace education

Peacemakers Trust is seeking funding support to develop the following initiatives:

  • An online compendium of resources on the uses of the arts towards peacebuilding;
  • An international communication network of artists, musicians, educators, art therapists, and others who use the arts in peace education and peacebuilding initiatives;
  • An online International Children's Peace Art Gallery

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