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Professor James B. Boskey was well known throughout North America for his work in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). He created The Alternative Newsletter, a resource guide that was invaluable to the field of ADR throughout the 1990s. He supported the work of many people, including moral support for the first edition of the online bibiography by Catherine Morris, which is now hosted by Peacemakers Trust. The Alternative Newsletter was read by hundreds of people around the world. It went online in 1997. After Prof. Boskey died in 1999, the online newsletter was hosted by until 2003. Prof. Boskey was a prolific writer of book reviews, and his entire body of work remains a valuable resource to the field of conflict resolution. Therefore, in 2004, Peacemakers Trust installed the book reviews on its website. Peacemakers Trust is grateful to Adele L. Boskey, President of the James B. Boskey Memorial Foundation for kind permission to host Prof. Boskey's book reviews.

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