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Catherine Morris

Films on Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding

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Most films listed here are in VHS or DVD. Please check elsewhere for the format you wish.

Academy of Family Mediators. Boundaries: Sexual Harassment, featuring Dr. John Haynes. Calgary, Alberta: Positive Conflict Management, available through Association for Conflict Resolution. 1994. Videorecording. 38:12 minutes.

Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development. Journey to Consensus: Interest-Based Negotiation in Land-Use Conflict. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Government of Alberta, Alberta Agriculture, 1995. Videorecording. 34 minutes. Includes discussion guide.

American Bar Association. Mediation: Is It for You. Washington, DC: American Bar Association. Videorecording. 18 minutes. Includes facilitator's guide and booklet Mediation: A Consumer's Guide.

Cayley, David. "Justice as Sanctuary." Ideas. Toronto Ont. M5W 1E6: CBC Radio Works, Box 500, Station A, 1997. Audio tapes and transcript of interviews with Herman Bianchi.

Center for Dispute Resolution, Capital University Law and Graduate Center, and Scot E. Dewhirst. Mediation: The Seven-Stage Model Mediation: The Seven-Stage Model. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management. 1991. Videorecording.32 minutes.

CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution. Mediation in Action: Resolving a Complex Business Dispute. 1994. Videorecording. 36 minutes. Includes 45-page Study Guide.

Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking, University of Minnesota. Restorative Justice: For Victims, Communities & Offenders. St. Paul, Minn: University of Minnesota, 1997. Features comments by Kay Pranis, Mark Umbreit and Howard Zehr. Adaptation of the longer video Restoring Justice below. Videorecording. 25 minutes.

Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking, University of Minnesota. Restorative Justice: Victim Empowerment Through Mediation & Dialogue. St. Paul, Minn: University of Minnesota, undated. Videorecording. 25 minutes.

Cinema Guild. Fire Within. New York: The Cinema Guild, Inc., 2005. Videorecording. 57 minutes.

Disney, Abigail E., and Gini Reticker. Pray the Devil back to hell. Fork Films, 2008. Videorecording. 135 minutes.

Earthstewards. PeaceTrees Vietnam: Reversing the Legacy of War.Bainbridge Island, WA: Earthstewards, 1998. 58 minutes.

Fisher, Roger, William Ury, and Bruce Patton. Getting to Yes: Video Workshop on Negotiation Boston: Harvard Negotiation Project, 1999. Package includes two videorecordings totalling 150 minutes, plus six viewer guides, facilitator's guide, audio tape 45 minutes, and book.

Jackson, Judy. Talk Mogadishu: Media Under Fire. Reading, PA: Bullfrog Films, 2003. 50 minutes.

Jackson, Judy. The Ungrateful Dead: In Search of International Justice. Toronto: Judy Films, Inc., 2005. 90 minutes.

Johnson, Louise. When the Dust Settles. Show Peace Series. Toronto: The National Film Board of Canada, 1997. 8 minutes.

Lynch, Jake, and Annabel McGoldrick. News from the Holy Land Theory and Practice of Reporting Conflict. Glasgow: Hawthorn Press, November, 2004. 51 minutes. DVD, VHS, PAL. A Peace Journalism Video with 48 pages of teaching notes. read a review

May Street Group. Family Mediation: We Can Work it Out! Revised edition. Victoria, B.C.: University of Victoria Institute for Dispute Resolution, 1997. Videorecording. 28:37 minutes. Discussion guide.

Mennonite Central Committee. Restorative Justice: Making Things Right. Akron: PA: Mennonite Central Committee, 1994. Videorecording. 22 minutes. Study guide.

Mennonite Media. Journey Toward Forgiveness. National Council of Churches, 2001.

MGI Film & Television. Mediation: An Introduction. Toronto: MacKenzie Group International, P.O. Box 218, Stn. C, 1117 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada M6J 3P4,1996. Videorecording. 20 minutes.

Muñoz, Susana, and Lourdes Portillo. The Mothers, Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo, Argentina. New York, NY : Women Make Movies, 1996. Originally released 1985. 64 minutes. In Spanish with English subtitles. see a film clip.

National Council of Churches. Restoring Justice. Presbyterian Distribution Center. 1996. Videorecording. 59 minutes.

National Film Board. For Angela. Videorecording. 21:29 minutes. Toronto: National Film Board, 1993.

National Film Board. Glimmer of Hope. Videorecording. 52:22 minutes. Toronto: National Film Board, 1997.

Obomsawin, Diane. Elbow Room. Show Peace Series. Toronto: The National Film Board of Canada, 2002. 9 minutes.

Perlman, Janet. Bully Dance. Show Peace Series. Toronto: The National Film Board of Canada, 2000. 10 minutes.

Perlman, Janet. Dinner for Two. Show Peace Series. Toronto: The National Film Board of Canada, 1997. 8 minutes.

Raymont, Peter, and Lindalee Tracey, Producers. Shake Hands with the Devil: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire. Toronto: White Pine Pictures, 2004. Videorecording. DVD: 91 minutes.

Reid, Frances, Producer. Long Night's Journey Into Day: South Africa's Search for Truth and Reconciliation. Berkeley, CA: Iris Films/Iris Feminist Collective, 2000. 94 mins. Study Guide. read a review

Sebenius, James K. Negotiating Corporate Change. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School, 1995. Videorecording. 30 minutes. Teaching Notes.

Shapiro, Justine, and B. Z. Goldberg. Promises. USA: Cowboy Pictures, 2002. 1 hr. 56 min.

Sharpe, Jill, producer, and Velcrow Ripper, director. In Company of Fear Vancouver: Reel-Myth Productions, Inc., 1999. 50 minutes. A film about the non-violence resistance through the work of "protective accompaniment."

Triune Arts. Resolving Conflict Creatively in the School Community: "Negotiation" and "Mediation." Toronto: Triune Arts, 1999. Two video recordings. 52 minutes. Ten-lesson teacher manual with bibliography and student handouts.

Triune Arts. Resolving Conflict Creatively in the Multicultural Community: "Inter-Cultural Mediation." Toronto: Triune Arts, 1999. Videorecording. 24 minutes. Teacher manual with bibliography and student handouts.

Video Arts. From "No" to "Yes": The Constructive Route to Agreement. Featuring Robert Lindsay and Phyllicia Law. Northbrook, Ill.: Video Arts: International Tele-Film [distributor], 1988. Videorecording. 27 minutes.

Victoria Law Foundation. Working It Out Through Mediation.. Victoria Law Foundation, 2002. Videorecording. 15 minutes 30 seconds. 47-page video user guide and 39-page training notes booklet. (Note: this video is in PAL.) read a review.

Witness et al. Outlawed: Extraordinary Rendition, Torture and Disappearances in the "War on Terror." Videorecording. 26 min 50 seconds, 2006.

York, Steve. A Force More Powerful: A Century of Nonviolent Conflict Washington, DC: York Zimmerman Inc, and WETA, 2000. Narrated by Ben Kingsley. Six 30-minute videorecordings. Available in educational or home versions.

York, Steve. Bringing Down A Dictator. Washington, DC: York Zimmerman Inc, and WETA, 2002. Narrated by Martin Sheen. Videorecording. 60 mnutes. Available in educational or home versions.

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