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Media, Conflict and Society:
Conflict Analysis and Reporting

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Conflict analysis and reporting

Evaluating news reports in "post-truth" or "fog of war" environments

How can readers evaluate the news they are reading about conflicts around the world? The following suggestions were developed jointly by Conflict Resolution Network Canada (no longer in operation) and Peacemakers Trust in collaboration with journalists, using current knowledge in the field of conflict studies. These suggestions were used to guide the judging of entries for the Award for Excellence in Conflict Analysis given jointly by the Canadian Association of Journalists and the Conflict Resolution Network Canada awarded annually from 1994 to 2004. See more in our Conflict Analysis Tutorial (.pdf) for those who read the news .... and the journalists who investigate and write it.

Above all, it is important that reporters (except for opinion pieces) are independent of those about whom they are reporting.

We believe good conflict analysis is seen in reports that:

See details in our Conflict Analysis Tutorial (.pdf)

Conflict-Sensitive Journalism - Ross Howard from The UpTake on Vimeo.

Disinfo Discussions: The Role of News Media with Jay Rosen, NYU professor of journalism, for the Aspen Institute (YouTube) (28.45)

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