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How Iraqis Perceive Humanitarian Action: Frailties and Fault-Lines in Stark Relief

Victoria, Canada
October 10, 2007, 12:30 to 2:00 pm.
University of Victoria Clearihue Building, room A301 .

Everyone welcome. To respect those fasting during Ramadan, we request that you not bring lunch or beverages to this event.

Greg Hansen Greg Hansen , an independent Canadian researcher and humanitarian aid specialist, will present the findings of his recent research visits to Iraq reported in Taking Sides or Saving Lives: Existential Choices for the Humanitarian Enterprise in Iraq published in June 2007 by Tufts University.

Sheikh Anwer al-EdhariAnwer Hattab al-Edhari, an educator and humanitarian aid worker in Baghdad, has been invited to describe the humanitarian situation in Iraq including the dangerous security conditions for local humanitarian aid workers.

More about Greg Hansen, Canada | More about Anwer Hattab al-Edhari

About the speakers

Greg Hansen

Greg HansenGreg Hansen is a Canadian consultant specializing in helping humanitarian and development agencies respond to armed conflict with greater professionalism and effectiveness as their working environments become increasingly dangerous and complex. Since 1990, Hansen has worked in conflict situations in the Balkans, the Caucasus, Asia, Iraq and elsewhere with a variety of international and local aid organisations and agencies of the UN. A former UN peacekeeper, Hansen has facilitated courses for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) on civil-military coordination. He has been an Associate of the Local Capacities for Peace Project working with "Do No Harm" methods to address negative impacts of aid on conflict. Mr. Hansen has written a number of articles, monographs and reports on humanitarian policy and practice for the Humanitarianism and War P roject at Tufts University.

Anwer Hattab al-Edhari

Sheikh Anwer al-EdhariSheikh Anwer al-Edhari is an teacher, humanitarian aid work, human rights educator and religious leader in Baghdad. He chairs the Al-Noor Humanitarian Organization a registered non-governmental organization in Baghdad which started as a voluntary committee in 2003 to provide local aid and reconstruction assistance. Al-Noor NGO works to maintain electricity and water in Baghdad and neighbour areas as well as distribution of food and medicine to families in Al-Nasr city and other neighboring cities. The group also works on removing explosive materials and debris, and concentrates on repairing water and electricity stations that serve the local area. The organization also works in cooperation with other humanitarian organizations in Iraq, and has been involved in efforts to repair schools, improve security for school children, and improve salaries and transport ation for teachers. This organization also works towards reducing sectarian conflict and human rights education for women and for religious and tribal leaders.

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